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Q. I don't see what I am looking for on your site. Can you still help me out? 
A. Yes! Custom work is the bulk of my business. Just email me with your ideas and we can work together to find a solution!

Q. How do I get my order? 
A. I have a pick-up box on my front porch at my home in Dunwoody, GA. I can also ship if needed.

Q. Can I schedule to meet with you in person to order?
A. Well.......that may not be neccessary. Since I work out of my home I don't have a place for customers to "shop". I prefer to email samples, ideas and proofs because it is more efficient. However, if you feel that it is neccessary, I can always make it work. I do prefer to meet with Brides before working on a wedding.

Q. How are your note cards packaged?
A. They come in a nice, clear-top box.

Q. What is your turn around time?
A. It varies from project to project and from season to season, but I can turn around most jobs in about  a week...give or take!

Q. Can I just text you with my order or edits?
A. While texting is super efficient in some instances (believe me, there are plenty of situations where I prefer a text), texting is not ideal for my business. Texts just tend to get lost....whereas your emails go into an organized file and can be easily accessed. So please email me your order, edits, questions, etc.

Q. Do you print everything in house?
A. I rarely print in house. I work with several different printers depending the job.
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